Energy Assessments, SAP & EPC’s

Energy Assessments, SAP & EPC’s

SAP Assessments & EPC's

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Today more than ever, the need for energy efficient buildings, good levels of insulation, lowering heating bills, & an understanding in how to achieve this, has never been higher.

SAP works by assessing how much energy a dwelling will consume, when delivering a defined level of comfort and service provision.

The assessment is based on standardised assumptions for occupancy and behaviour. This enables a like-for-like comparison of dwelling performance. Related factors, such as fuel costs and emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2), can be determined from the assessment.

Select the type of SAP you require from the options below.

We also offer Heat Loss Calculations, which can be utilised to calculate the total heat loss of the dwelling and provide a room-by-room breakdown of the property to aide in sizing an Air or Ground Source Heat Pump.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SAP?
How SAP works?
What is an EPC?
Why do I need a SAP calculation & what projects do we cover?
Why do I need Excess Glazing Calculations?
How could SAP help improve my property or lower my energy bills?
What is an Overheating assessment and why do I need one?
What is a Heat Loss Calculation and why do I need one?
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Need a SAP Assessments & EPC's quote?

What information should I submit?
To allow us to quote you quickly and accurately, please provide us a brief summary of the project and the following:

New Build SAP – Floor plans, elevations, sections, & a specification where available.

Overheating Assessment – Floor plans & elevations.

Excess Glazing Calculation – Floor plans, elevations, & sections if available. Otherwise see here for a guide to providing general measurements of the existing and proposed works.

U-Value Calculations – Number of elements requiring assessment, and the number of solutions you would like.

Existing EPC’s – Property address (floor plans/elevations if available) & a completed specification template.

Heat Loss Calculations – New Build: floor plans, elevations, sections, & a specification where available. Existing: same or request a site visit.

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    A bit about us

    Survey 7 believe in taking a hands on approach to guide our clients and their projects through a range of surveys to help them meet the requirements of the Building Regulations to provide safe and thermally efficient properties. This includes meeting the needs of warranty providers and lenders; SAP requirements to ensure energy efficient and sustainable buildings; Heat Loss Calculations for sizing heat pumps; and identifying areas of potential concern for Condition Surveys.

    ``Guiding our clients through a variety of construction related assessments to achieve a sustainable future``

    Our team has a combined professional history in a number of specialties and consultancy roles. All of our surveyors are professionally qualified with either RICS (Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors), CIOB (Chartered Institute of Building) or CABE (Chartered Association of Building Engineers). This range of skills and qualifications ensures we provide an efficient and knowledge backed service for our clients.

    For building control services, please don't hesitate to contact our partner company, Total Building Control Ltd.

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